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This application will allow you to unblock and website, anywhere. Believe me it’s a 3 year personal experience. This thing is incredible, and far from any good competition.

Open Blocked Websites – Anytime, Anywhere

Download Jondo (a.k.a JAP) (available at the end of the article)

What is JAP?
JonDo anonymous proxy

JAP or Jondo is software application that allows you to surf the web without being observed. JAP has to be installed on the user’s computer to allow him to surf the web anonymously and without being observed. This is necessary since all requests and all of the servers’ answers have to be sent not directly to the web server, rather via a so-called Mix Cascade. These mixes are interposed stations, and all messages are directed through these stations.
Since many users make use of the anon service at the same time, the internet connections of each user are hidden among those of all the other users. Every user could have been responsible for any connection. Nobody, no outstanding person, no other user, not even the operator of the AN.ON service can determine which internet connections were requested by a certain user.

I have Downloaded JAP. What’s Next?

Now install the program on the computer from where you want to surf the blocked websites.
Note – You will need JAVA Runtime to run JAP

Now open the program and choose Assistant (please refer screenshot).
Opening assistant will give you instructions to set up the application for your desired browser.

More details on JAP or Jondo


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