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By nithysuper on Tuesday, 22 November 2011 with 0 comments

In this Post, discussed about how you can use key logger to hack into anyone’s Facebook account. In this tutorial i have used free key logger called Emissary Key logger, That does more than hacking Facebook account password. This key logger will mail you all the saved passwords on your victims PC to your Gail account. As Most Facebook addicts do save their password in their web-browser, there is high possibility that you will get Facebook login details. Alon with this the key logger will also mail you all the information about your Victim. This information includes Screenshots, opened window details, visited websites and much more.
Download Free Emissary Keylogger Software 

-Features of Emissary Keylogger:
  • Can mail all the Keystrokes including login details
  • Can send screenshots of the victim’s Screen
  • Can Block VirusScanning Websites on victim’s computer
  • Can Disable TaskManager on victim’s PC
  • Can Disable Regedit on victim’s PC


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